About Jakes

Jake is 17 years old and has cerebral palsy.

But this does not stop him looking cool and having fun.

This is his label 'Jakes'

Our vintage t-shirts and hoodies are perfect for anyone looking for comfortable clothes to kick back in. They’re just like Jake (whose label this is); just fun, cool and made for enjoying life .

We print the t-shirts the traditional way, through a simple but labour intensive method known as screen printing. The design is shot onto film then turned into a silk screen. Coloured inks are then drawn across the screen by hand onto the t-shirts, not mass produced by machine.


Jakes was established in 2001 and was located in the heart of Soho - London, until June 2010, where it was relocated to online.

↑ Jake aged 3, with his young apprentice 'Milla' at the print shop, overseeing orders and the process of his hand-printed tees. At the end of a long day, they sit and have a well deserved drink.


Jake was never able to sit , stand or walk unaided...

↑ Jake walking with a walking  frame (or we should say runs!!). , but he does and always will need  constant adult support.


 ↑Jake, now 6 years old, goes to a mainstream school, even though he can not speak. He uses Makaton, a form of sign language, which his friends are learning too, and they include him in everything they do.

↑ Jake is still in mainstream school , very happy and has a great social life, not letting his disabilities get the better of him.


Many people including celebrities have and are supporting Jakes.

Chris Ramsey on his " Feeling Lucky Tour " - 2012 / 2013

Chris Moyles during his Radio 1 days ( mornings !! ).

David Rutherford ran the london Marathon 05 in conjunction with the sale of a one-off design t-shirt, with all proceeds going to the Chigwell Riding School for the Special Needs, raising £2,000.

In the summer of 04, Dean and Sam Holdsworth held a head tennis tournament   which was a great success, also raising money for the Riding School.

Horse riding for the special needs is so benificial and helps children and adults similar to Jake. We are sure this has helped with Jake's walking and balance.

Through out the years we have helped and donated clothing to individual children for fund raising events to help towards equipment and every day living. A trust fund has been set up for Jake as he will never be able to work and or live alone, he will always need constant adult support.

Thank you for your continuous help and support.